Regutility 4.1 Review


very clean interface 5 stars and 9 September 2012.   By Suibnde |  Version: 4 RegUtility 1 toast is an excellent program for the experienced or are insufficient, a repair or they simply want to do a computer repair manual. I bought this product from my computer, that Trojan has been invaded. A type of technical support has tried to remove, not formatted (with avast! Anti virus). I was in the position that most, but not all have been removed. Then I downloaded utility rain and had installed this program. ConsMuch to my great relief, I could remove all Trojan horses and clean my registry, which is the faster computer performance. This program is easy to use, and I recommend it. As the examiner which suggests to do not to buy the product, the question, if you have created a restore point before compressing the registry. It is important, when you make changes to the registry, for the case that the changes are caused by problems with the performance of regutility 4.1 review your computer, it creates a system restore point. I had no problems with this program and recommend it again. He has helped answer this question report has this report? (0) (1) this post Permalink post send this message, report,.